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Our mobile community shop

We offer a variety of ways for you to buy meat from us. We are happy to discuss your needs and make recommendations. If you want something unusual or specific we would be pleased to arrange it for you.

We can deliver orders above a certain value to local addresses. Please contact us for more details.
Our mobile community shop has been travelling round the villages of North Warwickshire since the business first began in 1913. We stock a large range of meat in the mobile shop, including local beef, pork and lamb from our own abattoir. We also have eggs, cooked meat, poultry (including free range), sausages and bacon. If you require something specific or unusual please contact us in advance and we can bring it to you.

We go to most streets in the villages we visit on our round. If you wish we can come to your door to take your order and deliver your meat or you are welcome to come out to the shop. We can produce a variety of cuts to your specification.